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Thrust v1.8.0 release

We are pleased to announce the release of Thrust v1.8, an open-source C++ library for developing high-performance parallel applications. Modeled after the C++ Standard Template Library, Thrust brings a familiar abstraction layer to the realm of parallel computing

Thrust 1.8.0 introduces support for algorithm invocation from CUDA __device__ code, support for CUDA streams, and algorithm performance improvements. Users may now invoke Thrust algorithms from CUDA __device__ code, providing a parallel algorithms library to CUDA programmers authoring custom kernels, as well as allowing Thrust programmers to nest their algorithm calls within functors. The thrust::seq execution policy allows users to require sequential algorithm execution in the calling thread and makes a sequential algorithms library available to individual CUDA threads. The .on(stream) syntax allows users to request a CUDA stream for kernels launched during algorithm execution. Finally, new CUDA algorithm implementations provide substantial performance improvements.

Refer to the CHANGELOG for a complete list of improvements since v1.7.

Get started with Thrust today! First download Thrust v1.8 and then follow the online quick-start guide. Refer to the online documentation for a complete list of features. Many concrete example programs and a set of introductory slides are also available.

Thrust is open-source software distributed under the OSI-approved Apache License 2.0.