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thrust::device_ptr_memory_resource< Upstream > Class Template Referencefinal

#include <thrust/device_allocator.h>

Inheritance diagram for thrust::device_ptr_memory_resource< Upstream >:
thrust::mr::memory_resource< device_ptr< void > >

Public Member Functions

__host__ device_ptr_memory_resource ()
__host__ device_ptr_memory_resource (Upstream *upstream)
virtual __host__ pointer do_allocate (std::size_t bytes, std::size_t alignment=alignof(max_align_t))
virtual __host__ void do_deallocate (pointer p, std::size_t bytes, std::size_t alignment)
- Public Member Functions inherited from thrust::mr::memory_resource< device_ptr< void > >
virtual ~memory_resource ()
pointer allocate (std::size_t bytes, std::size_t alignment=alignof(max_align_t))
void deallocate (pointer p, std::size_t bytes, std::size_t alignment=alignof(max_align_t))
__host__ __device__ bool is_equal (const memory_resource &other) const noexcept
__host__ virtual __device__ bool do_is_equal (const memory_resource &other) const noexcept

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from thrust::mr::memory_resource< device_ptr< void > >
typedef device_ptr< void > pointer

Detailed Description

template<typename Upstream>
class thrust::device_ptr_memory_resource< Upstream >

Memory resource adaptor that turns any memory resource that returns a fancy with the same tag as device_ptr, and adapts it to a resource that returns a device_ptr.

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