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thrust::mr::memory_resource< Pointer > Class Template Referenceabstract

#include <thrust/mr/memory_resource.h>

Inherited by thrust::mr::fancy_pointer_resource< Upstream, Pointer >, and thrust::mr::polymorphic_adaptor_resource< Pointer >.

Public Types

typedef Pointer pointer

Public Member Functions

virtual ~memory_resource ()
pointer allocate (std::size_t bytes, std::size_t alignment=alignof(max_align_t))
void deallocate (pointer p, std::size_t bytes, std::size_t alignment=alignof(max_align_t))
__host__ __device__ bool is_equal (const memory_resource &other) const noexcept
virtual pointer do_allocate (std::size_t bytes, std::size_t alignment)=0
virtual void do_deallocate (pointer p, std::size_t bytes, std::size_t alignment)=0
__host__ virtual __device__ bool do_is_equal (const memory_resource &other) const noexcept

Detailed Description

template<typename Pointer = void *>
class thrust::mr::memory_resource< Pointer >

memory_resource is the base class for all other memory resources.

Template Parameters
Pointerthe pointer type that is allocated and deallocated by the memory resource derived from this base class. If this is void *, this class derives from std::pmr::memory_resource.

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