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thrust::mr::stateless_resource_allocator< T, Upstream > Class Template Reference

#include <thrust/mr/allocator.h>

Inheritance diagram for thrust::mr::stateless_resource_allocator< T, Upstream >:
thrust::mr::allocator< T, Upstream >


struct  rebind

Public Member Functions

__host__ stateless_resource_allocator ()
__host__ __device__ stateless_resource_allocator (const stateless_resource_allocator &other)
template<typename U >
__host__ __device__ stateless_resource_allocator (const stateless_resource_allocator< U, Upstream > &other)
__host__ __device__ ~stateless_resource_allocator ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from thrust::mr::allocator< T, Upstream >
__host__ __device__ size_type max_size () const
__host__ __device__ allocator (Upstream *resource)
__host__ __device__ allocator (const allocator< U, Upstream > &other)
__host__ pointer allocate (size_type n)
__host__ void deallocate (pointer p, size_type n)
__host__ __device__ Upstream * resource () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from thrust::mr::allocator< T, Upstream >
typedef Upstream ::pointer void_pointer
typedef T value_type
typedef thrust::detail::pointer_traits< void_pointer >::template rebind< T >::other pointer
typedef thrust::detail::pointer_traits< void_pointer >::template rebind< const T >::other const_pointer
typedef thrust::detail::pointer_traits< pointer >::reference reference
typedef thrust::detail::pointer_traits< const_pointer >::reference const_reference
typedef std::size_t size_type
typedef thrust::detail::pointer_traits< pointer >::difference_type difference_type
typedef detail::true_type propagate_on_container_copy_assignment
typedef detail::true_type propagate_on_container_move_assignment
typedef detail::true_type propagate_on_container_swap

Detailed Description

template<typename T, typename Upstream>
class thrust::mr::stateless_resource_allocator< T, Upstream >

A helper allocator class that uses global instances of a given upstream memory resource. Requires the memory resource to be default constructible.

Template Parameters
Tthe type that will be allocated by this allocator.
Upstreamthe upstream memory resource to use for memory allocation. Must derive from thrust::mr::memory_resource and must be final (in C++11 and beyond).

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