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template<typename ForwardIterator , typename Compare >
bool thrust::is_sorted ( ForwardIterator  first,
ForwardIterator  last,
Compare  comp 

is_sorted returns true if the range [first, last) is sorted in ascending order accoring to a user-defined comparison operation, and false otherwise.

Specifically, this version of is_sorted returns false if for some iterator i in the range [first, last - 1) the expression comp(*(i + 1), *i) is true.

firstThe beginning of the sequence.
lastThe end of the sequence.
compComparison operator.
true, if the sequence is sorted according to comp; false, otherwise.
Template Parameters
ForwardIteratoris a model of Forward Iterator, and ForwardIterator's value_type is convertible to both StrictWeakOrdering's first_argument_type and second_argument_type.
Compareis a model of Strict Weak Ordering.

The following code snippet demonstrates how to use is_sorted to test whether the contents of a device_vector are stored in descending order.

#include <thrust/sort.h>
thrust::device_vector<int> v(6);
v[0] = 1;
v[1] = 4;
v[2] = 2;
v[3] = 8;
v[4] = 5;
v[5] = 7;
bool result = thrust::is_sorted(v.begin(), v.end(), comp);
// result == false
thrust::sort(v.begin(), v.end(), comp);
result = thrust::is_sorted(v.begin(), v.end(), comp);
// result == true
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