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template<typename InputIterator , typename Predicate >
InputIterator thrust::find_if_not ( InputIterator  first,
InputIterator  last,
Predicate  pred 

find_if_not returns the first iterator i in the range [first, last) such that pred(*i) is false or last if no such iterator exists.

firstBeginning of the sequence to search.
lastEnd of the sequence to search.
predA predicate used to test range elements.
The first iterator i such that pred(*i) is false, or last.
Template Parameters
InputIteratoris a model of Input Iterator.
Predicateis a model of Predicate.
#include <thrust/find.h>
struct greater_than_four
__host__ __device__
bool operator()(int x)
return x > 4;
struct greater_than_ten
__host__ __device__
bool operator()(int x)
return x > 10;
thrust::device_vector<int> input(4);
input[0] = 0;
input[1] = 5;
input[2] = 3;
input[3] = 7;
iter = thrust::find_if_not(input.begin(), input.end(), greater_than_four()); // returns input.first()
iter = thrust::find_if_not(input.begin(), input.end(), greater_than_ten()); // returns input.first()
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