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struct  thrust::system::is_error_code_enum< T >
struct  thrust::system::is_error_condition_enum< T >
struct  thrust::system::is_error_condition_enum< errc::errc_t >
class  thrust::system::error_category
 The class error_category serves as a base class for types used to identify the source and encoding of a particular category of error code. Classes may be derived from error_category to support categories of errors in addition to those defined in the C++ International Standard. More...
class  thrust::system::error_code
 The class error_code describes an object used to hold error code values, such as those originating from the operating system or other low-level application program interfaces. More...
class  thrust::system::error_condition
 The class error_condition describes an object used to hold values identifying error conditions. More...
class  thrust::system::system_error
 The class system_error describes an exception object used to report error conditions that have an associated error_code. Such error conditions typically originate from the operating system or other low-level application program interfaces. More...


const error_categorythrust::system::generic_category (void)
const error_categorythrust::system::system_category (void)
error_code thrust::system::make_error_code (errc::errc_t e)
bool thrust::system::operator< (const error_code &lhs, const error_code &rhs)
template<typename charT , typename traits >
std::basic_ostream< charT, traits > & thrust::system::operator<< (std::basic_ostream< charT, traits > &os, const error_code &ec)
error_condition thrust::system::make_error_condition (errc::errc_t e)
bool thrust::system::operator< (const error_condition &lhs, const error_condition &rhs)
bool thrust::system::operator== (const error_code &lhs, const error_code &rhs)
bool thrust::system::operator== (const error_code &lhs, const error_condition &rhs)
bool thrust::system::operator== (const error_condition &lhs, const error_code &rhs)
bool thrust::system::operator== (const error_condition &lhs, const error_condition &rhs)
bool thrust::system::operator!= (const error_code &lhs, const error_code &rhs)
bool thrust::system::operator!= (const error_code &lhs, const error_condition &rhs)
bool thrust::system::operator!= (const error_condition &lhs, const error_code &rhs)
bool thrust::system::operator!= (const error_condition &lhs, const error_condition &rhs)
 thrust::system::system_error::system_error (error_code ec, const std::string &what_arg)
 thrust::system::system_error::system_error (error_code ec, const char *what_arg)
 thrust::system::system_error::system_error (error_code ec)
 thrust::system::system_error::system_error (int ev, const error_category &ecat, const std::string &what_arg)
 thrust::system::system_error::system_error (int ev, const error_category &ecat, const char *what_arg)
 thrust::system::system_error::system_error (int ev, const error_category &ecat)
virtual thrust::system::system_error::~system_error (void) throw ()
const error_codethrust::system::system_error::code (void) const throw ()
const char * thrust::system::system_error::what (void) const throw ()

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