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 Memory Management
 Memory Resources
 Fancy Iterators
 Iterator Tags
 Iterator Tag Classes
 Binary Search
 Vectorized Searches
 Transformed Reductions
 Stream Compaction
 Prefix Sums
 Segmented Prefix Sums
 Transformed Prefix Sums
 Set Operations
 Complex Numbers
 Parallel Execution Policies
 Function Objects
 Function Object Adaptors
 Predefined Function Objects
 Arithmetic Operations
 Comparison Operations
 Logical Operations
 Bitwise Operations
 Generalized Identity Operations
 Placeholder Objects
 Container Classes
 Host Containers
 Type Traits
 Random Number Generation
 Random Number Engine Adaptor Class Templates
 Random Number Engine Class Templates
 Random Number Distributions Class Templates
 Random Number Engines with Predefined Parameters
 System Diagnostics