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thrust::unary_function< Argument, Result > Struct Template Reference

#include <thrust/functional.h>

Public Types

typedef Argument argument_type
 The type of the function object's argument.
typedef Result result_type
 The type of the function object's result.

Detailed Description

template<typename Argument, typename Result>
struct thrust::unary_function< Argument, Result >

unary_function is an empty base class: it contains no member functions or member variables, but only type information. The only reason it exists is to make it more convenient to define types that are models of the concept Adaptable Unary Function. Specifically, any model of Adaptable Unary Function must define nested typedefs. Those typedefs are provided by the base class unary_function.

The following code snippet demonstrates how to construct an Adaptable Unary Function using unary_function.

struct sine : public thrust::unary_function<float,float>
__host__ __device__
float operator()(float x) { return sinf(x); }
Because C++11 language support makes the functionality of unary_function obsolete, its use is optional if C++11 language features are enabled.
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